Image via Marion Ellis

Image via Marion Ellis

Commission_Glass Petridish 2014

Glass Petridish using Client’s sentimental crockery (2014)

I so love the petridish art work you made for me! With my broken crockery with butter cups and a cow, reminding me of the Netherlands where I grew up! It hangs in my dining part of the flat and I look at it every day from the kitchen as it is an open plan design I also love the two little petridish dishes you made with the blue images. My mother loves your little Kingfisher! I sent it to her in the Netherlands. It is one of her favourite birds!

Saskia Victoria

Lady Early Grey Egret (2016)

My husband and I decided to commission a piece by Jessie having seen her outstanding work during Dandenong Studios Open Studios and an exhibition at 69 Smith Street Gallery, Fitzroy. Our experience with Jessie has been absolutely fantastic. She had a clear vision of how to incorporate my mother’s cherished tea set into a treasured piece of art. Jessie engaged with us at every stage of the design process to ensure it was precisely what we wanted. Thus was created, Lady Earl Grey Egret, a gorgeous and whimsical piece that showcased the original tea set and the bird theme chosen by us. Jessie, thank you so much for your passion and wonderful creativity. We are so delighted with your work and it brings us joy every time we see it. Your exceptional talent, professionalism and warm demeanour has been a pleasure to deal with and we will definitely be recommending you to friends and family.  

Shahana & Raj Wantirna, Victoria Lady Early Grey Egret (2016)

English Oak Magnolia Blossom (2014)

It all began with some crockery my mother had left to me which was of great sentimental value but not something I could see being used. I have long admired Jessie’s art mosaics and wondered if these pieces could be used as part of a wall panel. The commission process was simple, enjoyable and ultimately extremely satisfying. Discussions, designs to consider and then the anticipation of seeing the finished panel led to the delivery of a beautiful piece of art. It is prominently displayed in our home, providing endless pleasure and provoking memories of times past. I had a firm idea of how the finished panel would look, but it is Jessie’s creativity, amazing flair and eye for colour and detail which lifted it to a different level altogether. It is truly a very special, beautiful and treasured piece of art.  

Marina Belgrave Heights, Victoria English Oak Magnolia Blossom (2014)

Flying Ducks Trio, 2016

Flying Ducks Trio (2016)

I had a few childhood plates that held many cherished memories. Forced to make a decision about their future I took them to Jessie and asked if she could transform them into 3 ducks - small, medium and large in size. My childhood memories include 3 ducks flying up a wall in my parents kitchen. To be honest I didn’t think Jessie could make them to resemble anything like the ones from my childhood. Much to my surprise and delight the ducks are now flying up a wall in my family room and I just love them. Thank you Jessie.  

Wendy Tasmania Flying Ducks Trio (2016)

Ink & Collage on Paper

For my 1st Wedding anniversary I wanted a traditional gift for my husband. My design brief to Jessie was to use the artwork and words we had spoken in our vows to create something in paper. I knew I could trust her creativity and initiative, and I couldn't have been happier with the result. Jessie created a beautiful image using the actual words we spoke - it's so meaningful to us. Going a step further she included some collage - something I wouldn't have thought to do. This is the beauty of commission work - trust the artist and all expectation can be surpassed. Had I wanted to I could have had more input but I'm glad I trusted her artistic ability. Merci chérie!

Pam Melbourne Ink & Collage on Paper

Pool/Outdoor Area Mosaic

I asked Jessie to design and to create a mosaic for our outdoor pool / entertainment area. Seeing that we have small children, I was mindful that I wanted the piece to be safe and I requested that her design and choice of tiles be overall flat and less sculptural. We were absolutely delighted with the results. She created a vibrant piece that was perfectly suited for the space.

Julia Upwey

Meakin Bird (2016)

My Mum had some precious old crockery from her childhood which had broken. as an idea for her 80th birthday celebrations, we asked Jessie to create something out of the pieces. Jessie listened to our ideas and created a beautiful piece of art for my parents' garden. I love how Jessie's work makes something beautiful from something broken.

Shona Victoria

Adam Birds (2016)

We recently moved house and have been looking for pieces of art to brighten our home. When we visited Jessie in her studio, we were amazed to see how she works with crockery, watching as a teapot handle became a wing and a rim of a cup became a feather. The result was a pair of beautiful birds which cheer the place where we enjoy our coffee.

Shona Victoria

Fiona’s Testimonial

Jessie has given my favourite broken cup a new life! The finished artwork is sensitive to the original piece of ceramic and she has cleverly mixed it with pieces from her own ceramic collection, creating a whimsical artwork which is both joyful and playful. Thank you!

Fiona Melbourne

The Mad Artist’s Tea Party (2014)

My request was for Jessie to create a 2 mtr x 1 mtr approx mosaic. I supplied an old mirror as the centre piece and 2 small plates as examples of the colour theme and basic design. Over the next few weeks Jessie drew up the design of floral vine and we discussed how the 3D floral areas and border would work. I collected several ceramic pieces that I liked the shape and colour of, plus hand-painted some broken china with insects and mushrooms to add to the over all piece. I watched Jessie break, smash and cut up the ceramics, both mine and those she had collected for the piece, then place pieces around the frame, I was thrilled with the hint of what was to come of the artwork. It was a slow process as Jess chose each piece for the specific areas. I visited Jess's workshop to see the progress and was over the moon when I saw that she had hidden secret scenes within an open jug that had become a birds nest and behind a vase which had become a flower with the hidden scene reflected off the mirror creating a delightful new depth to the piece. Jessie created exquisite flowers, scenes of nature and added symbolic items to the piece. There is a cup with goats, frogs and a princess, rabbit, birds, bees, fish and beetles, plus all the painted pieces I'd supplied. It was a pleasure to work with Jessie, I was confident I was going to receive what I'd asked for and the commissioned piece ended up being way more than my expectations. Jess went above and beyond to create a true masterpiece, filling the work with her insight and expression. The job (labour of love) gave Jess the scope to experiment and developed new techniques and I am thrilled to own this expression of creativity. Jessie's works have become more adventurous and creative since this commission and I wish I could own them all. The piece is bolted to the wall at home/studio front door (it is quite heavy). I have visitors and customers who stop to peruse the piece in awe before they knock, then there is often a deep conversation about the piece before they enter my studio. This can be a little overwhelming as the customers have come to see my own glass artwork and yet we begin the meeting talking about Jess's work, but then that just goes to show how truly amazing Jessie's work is ! It captures everyone's attention, young and old, male and female. The comment WOW is repeated many times. There is nothing else like it on the market, she is truely a maverick, creating a method and style that is like no other. If you choose to purchase or commission a work from Jess you are guaranteed a one off piece that will for ever hold its value. In saying that I believe that Jessie's works in time will increase in value and become collectable. You may wish to get in early and secure a piece for yourself before demand of her work pushes the prices up!

Kirsten Laken Spirit of Glass www.spiritofglass.com.au