Feeding the Birds & Hoping for Something in Return Exhibition 2016

Feeding the Birds & Hoping for Something in Return Exhibition 2016

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Feeding the Birds & Hoping For Something in Return Exhibition 2016

Reflecting on little Things

Draws from past connections and experimentation with crockery, collage and sculpture via a brand new series of work inspired by her recent participation in the annual Dandenong Ranges Open Studios Exhibition. This series of new work began with a reflection on a song lyric ‘Feeding the Birds & Hoping for Something in Return’ and grew into an idea about tiny hummingbirds. A few small sketches later... giant flowers started to sprout and bloom and a reflection on the currency of symbiosis in which organisms coexist and thrive from a symbiotic relationship developed.


Mimicry is the result of a collaboration between two artists'. Jessie's sculptural mosaics explore the tensions of the arts of disguise whereby the environment becomes the subject and the subject its environment. While Katherine uses paint to explore the unique qualities of different animals and how they can be camouflaged within an environment.

Through patterns, repetition and colour, anything and everything can be disguised within an artwork. Mimicry is a visual exploration of the ways mimicry and camouflage can be depicted.


A collection of Mosaic Artworks by Jessie Yvette Journoud-Ryan completed over her studio tenancy so far at Burrinja.

The body of work is the result of some creative experimentation (or incubation) in her artist studio in Burrinja during 2013.

Germination refers not only to the process of creating these pieces and the overall organic nature of the subject matter; it also refers to new growth of her practice, new ideas and innovative creative solutions via mosaics.

The exhibition is an investigation of organic subject matter, colour and texture using recycled crockery and tiles.

Red Stocking

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Damon Kowarsky, Anne Hastie, John Bodin, Jessie Deane, Kate Hudson, Naomi Waller, Cat Rabbit, Polly Hollyoak, Julie Bradley, Sarah Gully, Maria Colaidis, Steve Rosendale, Debbie Mourtzios, Jessie Yvette Journoud-Ryan, Sally D’Orsogna, Bambi Johnson, Claire Lefebvre, Susan Illingworth, Steve May, Jenny Hoddinott, Gillian Farrow, Alfred Liu, Ginny Grayson, Kim Wall, Annette Chang, Inger Morrissey, Kat Weir, Kelly Sullivan, Richard Collins, Kirsty Fletcher, Keiko Murakami, Mattia Cicoli, Ian Westwood, Hugh Wayland, Robyn Dansie, Elroy, Linda Oy Ho

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