Jessie Yvette Journoud-Ryan

Feeding the Birds & Hoping for Something in Return_Image With Thanks To Rob Carew from Star News Group 2016

| 'Feeding the Birds & Hoping for Something in Return' | The Dandenong Ranges Open Studios 2016 Group Exhibition 'Micro/Macro' at Burrinja, Upney | Image via Rob Carew from Star News Group 2016 |

Jessie is a French and Australian practising Melbourne artist and works with a vast range of media, from ceramics, printmaking and sculpture through to painting. She has been involved in a number of art initiatives since 1998.

Having completed her secondary schooling in Dijon, France, Jessie commenced her studies in the Fine Art sector at a National ceramic school in Burgundy, where she specialised in the traditional decorative arts of ceramic painting.

During this time, Jessie completed an internship in the South of France, working in an established ceramicist’s studio, specialising in the art of Trompe l’œil. Returning to Australia, Jessie pursued university Fine Art studies in Melbourne and was awarded with the Monash University Faculty of Art and Design Research Masters Scholarship.

Returning to her initial interest in Ceramics and practice via the medium of sculptural mosaics, Jessie creates organic sculptural collage with repurposed crockery. Recycled Crockery: Sculptural possibilities are endless and Jessie Journoud-Ryan explores them. She draws from her training in Fine Arts, from Painting, Collage to Sculpture including specialist skills acquired at a National Ceramics School in France … from where her love of crockery stems.
Her current work reflects and draws from past connections and experimentation with Crockery, Collage and Sculpture.

Since early 2013, Jessie was based at Burrinja (The Dandenong Ranges Cultural and Community Centre); presently she is working from her home studio in Upwey.
Her studio tenancy allowed her to further develop a body of sculptural work using recycled crockery donated by the local community.